NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS FOR OFFICE: All members of the Voters Assembly shall be eligible to hold an elective office of the Congregation except for the offices of president, vice president, and elder who shall be male only. The nominations for candidates to fill vacancies of the offices of the Congregation shall be made by the Nominating Committee, whether this is at an annual election and for full terms or to fill vacancies for unexpired terms. The list of nominees prepared by the Nominating Committee shall be made known to the members of the Voters Assembly at least two weeks prior to the election date. At the meeting during which the election is held, the Voters Assembly shall have the privilege of adding to the nominees for office. All nominees accepted by the Voters Assembly by a majority vote shall then, on the consent of the nominees, be candidates for office.

All elections to office shall be by ballot. If there is more than one candidate for an office, the candidate receiving a plurality shall be declared elected.

The newly elected officers shall organize and present all appointments to committees for approval at the first Quarterly Meeting. The installation of all newly elected Officers shall take place in a public worship service on the first Sunday of the new year. They shall take office, and the terms of their predecessors shall cease immediately after installation.