VOTERS ASSEMBLY: The Congregation shall exercise its powers through its voting members. All members who have attained eighteen (18) years of age may become voting members. It shall be the duty of every voting member to attend the Voters meetings. In case of absence, a member waives the right of casting his or her vote. The body of voting members is known as the Voters Assembly and is the final authority in administering the affairs of the Congregation.

MEETINGS: Regular meetings shall be held quarterly. The time and place of regular meetings of the Voters Assembly shall be determined by the Voters Assembly. Special meetings may be called by the Pastor and the Board of Elders; by the Officers; or by six voting members with the consent of the Pastor, or the Elders, or the Officers. Special meetings shall be limited to matters specified in the call for the meeting, and the time and purpose shall be announced in all services on the preceding Sunday. Regular meetings shall be announced at a public service two weeks prior to the meeting. The agenda for the Quarterly Voters Assembly will be available for distribution at the weekly worship services on two Sundays (eight days) prior to the meeting.

The voting members present at a meeting shall constitute a quorum and shall decide all matters of doctrine and conscience on the basis of our confessional standard, and all other matters by a majority of votes except as otherwise indicated. A resolution passed contrary to the Word of God or our confessional standard shall be null and void. All meetings shall be conducted on the basis of the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.