God's blessings to everyone as the weather starts to cool...can it really be January 3rd?!

I just wanted to share a story from Glenn Brown that made me laugh and say AMEN...

One of my favorite church stories is that of a birthday celebration at the old Ashtabula Ohio Presbyterian Church. We were one of many struggling families in that community in January 1940. We had a little celebration in my Sunday school class for my 5th birthday.

They presented me with a cake, and sang Happy Birthday to me. Then I blew out the candles on the cake. After that, I headed back up stairs to find Mom, Dad, and my two older brothers. The Sunday school Teacher yelled at me. "Wait Glenn!" She Said. "You cant take the cake with you! It's made of wood and we need it for the next birthday!"

I have had a lot of surprises over the years, and a few have been "wooden cakes". But, by far, the majority have been almost daily surprises of little miracles and good news that are truly blessings of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I thank God for another birthday, and, in His Name, have no fear of the next "wooden cake" that my come into my life.

(Special Thanks to my Children who have heard this story every January since they were born.)

ย -Glenn Brown